36 Days of Type 05


I teamed up with animator Marta Azaña (@martaazana on Instagram) for the fifth year of 36 Days of Type. 

We had a great time working on the project, we tried to both do a bit on each letter and it was fun seeing letters evolve as we'd go back and forth.

One thing we'd definitely do differently is start sooner. We actually started mid-March (not sure if that's cheating?) however with both of us having client work it took a few weeks to nail down the theme and style. When the 36 Days project actually kicked off we only had a few letters done in advance and that buffer disappeared pretty quickly.

We were approached by Brazilian sound design agency Lake Produções (@bythelake.sound on Instagram) with an offer to provide SFX which was fantastic and really added to the work, but it also meant we had to get letters done even faster. 

By about letter R or so we were really struggling with juggling client work, our personal lives, and the project so we agreed to finish on Z to save our sanity.