Harpy Queen - collaboration between Tyler Jacobsen and Jesper Ejsing

There's a really cool piece of art up on Muddy Colors that is a collab between two amazing concept artists, Tyler Jacobsen and Jesper Ejsing. What I really like on the post is the shot of the back and forth stages that lead to the final piece.

Neither artist was afraid to completely re-work the design and the composition, subjects, and colours change dramatically. It's a good reminder not to be afraid to scrap something that's not speaking to you and that sometimes it's better to rebuild from the groud up.

Inspiration - Benjamin Hayte

 Benjamin Hayte is an amazing concept artist and illustrator currently working for Nickelodeon.  He has serious talent when it comes to creating engaging, beautiful landscapes, but what inspires me the most from his art is his ability to make some truly unique characters.

Check out Benjamin's website and follow him on Instagram (@ben.hayte)

Benjamin Hayte - Mongolian Dragons 

Benjamin Hayte - Mongolian Dragons 

Fur Painting

After doing a couple of of my Wainscott Weasel characters I went looking for nice fur painting tutorials. I found this School of Visual Storytelling demo with Therese Larsson to be the best. It's not a step-by-step tutorial, but the video provides a great overview of her general technique as well as insight into life as an extremely successful (and busy) illustrator; and it also comes with a set of photoshop brushes..  At $20 (£13.30 at the current exchange rate) its a bargain. 


What to listen to while working

So after telling myself I was going to try and update this blog more often, at least once a week, I've gone and taken a month to sit down and do this. In my defence, the combination of Christmas & New Years and the start of a new bit of work which has needed a bit of commuting to London hasn't helped.
I'm going to try and do better, but I'm afraid it might just be doodles, sketches, and half finished studies for the next couple of months. (^_^;)

My recent travelling resulted in me burning through a lot of music and podcasts, and as someone who doesn't work well to music (I always fall into the trap of trying to find the right song), I thought it would be worth sharing podcasts I regularly play to fill the silence. 


Christ Oatley's Artcast 
There are a lot of art-based podcasts out there, but I generally prefer non-art subjects to listen to. However I always enjoy Chris's podcasts and there have been times when they've been a great help, either bringing up new ideas or providing comforting insight into how things work for other artists and that maybe you aren't doing it all wrong.

Level Up 
OK. Not a podcast, but a Youtube channel where some amazing artists discuss working practice and do paintovers to show technique. The episodes are little long, and they aren't something you can get the benefit of by playing them in the background, but if you're bored and want to watch something more useful than a tv sitcom, these are great.


Answer Me This
Podcast where people write in questions and these clever Londoners try and answer them. 

Complete Guide to Everything
New Yorkers Tim and Tom pick a topic and discuss it, usually in a very tangental fashion. It took me a couple of episodes to get into their humour, but once you do its great. 

Throwing Shade
Humour of the more irreverent, sometimes crude and vulgar, vein. 


This American Life
A gold standard for radio shows that's been running in the US since 1995.

Radio Lab
Similar to  TAL, but with a focus on science and philosophy. Also a bit more experimental in their approach to aduio production.

A new podcast under the NPR banner. Quite similar to TAL and Radio Lab

Stuff You Should Know
A weekly podcast that covers an immense list of topics, from how to start your own country, dreadlocks, and LEGOs.

Stuff You Missed In History Class
Similar in style to SYSN, but focused on events in history.


Writer and climber Chris Kalous gets some amazing climbers to sit down and talk with him about climbing (obviously), life, and overcoming obstacles of all kinds. 

Dirtbag Diaries
More in the style of This American Life, but with a focus on outdoor life.

True Crime

A 12 episode podcast that follows a reporter as she looks into a case from the early 2000s. It went viral late last year, but if you haven't had a chance to listen to it you should definitely check it out.

Sword & Scale
A smaller, independent podcast venture primarily covering cases of murder. Not your lighter fare podcast.

A fairly new podcast, with an NPR feel. Covers various forms of criminality such as hacking, con jobs, and the PMS murder defence.

Thinking Sideways
Three hosts cover a variety of mysteries, many related to crime. Can border on conspiracy theory territory, but the topics are always interesting.

Phew! That took longer than expected! I hope this list helps some of you pass the time while doodling away. 

Thanks for reading.

Some Inspiration

Here are some colour studies I've done recently.

These were done from stills of a really cool animation done for Sprite by Paris-based studio Fortiche Production. They've done loads of amazing work and I definitely recommend having a look the stuff they've done. You can check out the animation these studies were done from here, as well as the other three animations done in the series. Beautiful!