New Maps - Part 4

Getting a bit closer to being to finishing this map of Oregon. 

In my last post about this, I'd just laid down the coloured segments on the landscape, the rivers, and the mountain ranges.

At this stage, I'd added in some stripes and dots on a few of the squares and adjust the colours of the mountains to blend into the squares they are sitting on. I've also started to bring in some of the assets I created to work out how they will fill the state. 

Here I've added in the trees and bushes. This can be quite a tedious task, as I'm having to adjust the colours of these assets to make sure they're readable against the square they're on and I try and get a nice balance regarding which type of tree or shrub is used. 

I heartily recommend getting anal about your layer stack. When there's this many objects in an image, it makes finding a specific tree or hill much easier.


So now I just need to figure out how I want to title the map, maybe tweak the colours a little more, and then add a little texture in Photoshop!