Flight of the Frenchie

A while back, photographer Liam Lonsdale kindly offered to let me use his photographs for my work and about a month later when he released this amazing photo of climber Melissa LeNeve with the title "Flight of the Frenchie", I thought recreating the image in the style of a TinTin book would be good fun and a nice opportunity to do some more climbing related art, but in a different style from my previous series of climbing posters. 

I brought the illustration into AfterEffects at the end to add a bit of subtle parallax style animation.

If you'd like a still version for your phone or desktop, you can download one here.

Special thanks to Stephen Minty, a fellow animator and climbing buddy, for helping to get the clouds just right!

Diving in to 3d

I've wanted to get into 3d for a long time, but always managed to talk myself out of it in the past, feeling that it was a lot to learn and I should just focus on 2d. But for the past month I've managed to ignore those fears and make a decent crack and learning c4d. 

So far I've really enjoyed it and feel like I've been taking to it like a duck in water. Of course there are lots of frustrating, head-scratching moments as I have a habit of biting off more than I can chew. 

Here's a bike chain set I made for my partner's bike blog.


A short clip from a personal project I'm working on. Still need to perfect the walking of the crane, but really enjoyed figuring out what I've got so far, as well as creating the clouds and grass.