Wainscott Weasel project

Finally have had the chance to do some more work on my Wainscott Weasel project that I started many months ago. 

Here's some rough concepts for some scenes from the book - the Spring Cotillion in the pines, Bagley Brown Sr talking with one of the moles who helped dig a tunnel to the chicken farm, Bagly Brown Jr and Wendy visiting the lake, and Paddy the frog.


Harpy Queen - collaboration between Tyler Jacobsen and Jesper Ejsing

There's a really cool piece of art up on Muddy Colors that is a collab between two amazing concept artists, Tyler Jacobsen and Jesper Ejsing. What I really like on the post is the shot of the back and forth stages that lead to the final piece.

Neither artist was afraid to completely re-work the design and the composition, subjects, and colours change dramatically. It's a good reminder not to be afraid to scrap something that's not speaking to you and that sometimes it's better to rebuild from the groud up.