Flight of the Frenchie

A while back, photographer Liam Lonsdale kindly offered to let me use his photographs for my work and about a month later when he released this amazing photo of climber Melissa LeNeve with the title "Flight of the Frenchie", I thought recreating the image in the style of a TinTin book would be good fun and a nice opportunity to do some more climbing related art, but in a different style from my previous series of climbing posters. 

I brought the illustration into AfterEffects at the end to add a bit of subtle parallax style animation.

If you'd like a still version for your phone or desktop, you can download one here.

Special thanks to Stephen Minty, a fellow animator and climbing buddy, for helping to get the clouds just right!

Wainscott Weasel project

Finally have had the chance to do some more work on my Wainscott Weasel project that I started many months ago. 

Here's some rough concepts for some scenes from the book - the Spring Cotillion in the pines, Bagley Brown Sr talking with one of the moles who helped dig a tunnel to the chicken farm, Bagly Brown Jr and Wendy visiting the lake, and Paddy the frog.


Colorado State map

Just polished off my final map for my trip to America, the great state of Colorado. 

The hardest part about this map was decided what to put in and what to leave out. Growing up my family went to Colorado every summer around July or August to escape the Texas heat. - People from Colorado often complain about Texas tourists, and yes, my family is certainly guilty! So I have a lot of love for the state. Nothing beats a mountain view, the smell of pine, and getting buzzed by curious hummingbirds.


California Map

Managed to finish off another US state map - this time California. California is a really awkward shape for creating a design of; I feel like there's a lot of empty space eithe rside of it. But my only options to fix that would have been to crop it or to squish it, which didn't appeal.

Next up will be Colorado, the final stop on my upcoming USA trip. I think that might be the last one of these maps I do for awhile.

Fur Painting

After doing a couple of of my Wainscott Weasel characters I went looking for nice fur painting tutorials. I found this School of Visual Storytelling demo with Therese Larsson to be the best. It's not a step-by-step tutorial, but the video provides a great overview of her general technique as well as insight into life as an extremely successful (and busy) illustrator; and it also comes with a set of photoshop brushes..  At $20 (£13.30 at the current exchange rate) its a bargain.