New Maps - Part 5


I ended up shifting the text all the way into the middle of the state, as opposed to the far left side. 

Additionally I did some final colour tweaks and then brought everything into photoshop where I applied a soft bit of texture.


You can see a few detailed images here and if you're interested, you can buy prints or various other items featuring the map here.


Nearly 2 months since the last update! Oops!

But I haven't been sitting on my hands, a lot's been getting done, quietly, behind the scenes.

I've joined a collaborative project with a good friend of mine and if you're a big fan of cycling I think it will really interest you. Check out Vicious Circles for some amazing cycling themed prints. There's a broad range of styles covering graphic design to illustration. And hopefully the range will soon expand to include some other sports.


And in my free time I've gotten to do a fair amount of travelling and climbing. At the beginning of August my best friend and I met up in Brussels and had a great weekend exploring the city, enjoying the great beer, beautiful architecture, and I was finally able to see Mannekin Pis which has been on my to-do list for years.

After returning from Brussels there was an unexpected trip back to America to see family in Texas and then Colorado. Every time I go back to CO I find myself wishing more and more than I lived there. You just can't beat that pine tree smell!

And over the August bank holiday had a beautiful camping and trad climbing trip in the Peak District. It was my first time climbing trad, but it was great fun and the local gritstone was such a nice change from the horrible, slippy limestone in the Gloucestershire area.